Friday, December 2, 2016

Legendary Beat Poet Michael McClure, and Garret Caples

A landmark work of bio-romanticism, Mephistos and Other Poemsis the first completely new collection in five years from legendary Beat and SF Renaissance poet Michael McClure. The title sequence, "Mephistos," stems from McClure's ongoing "grafting" experiment, growing new poems from fragments of his older works. "Some Fringes" is a series of haiku-like nature poems, while the 17-part "Rose Breaths" derives from the poet's practice of meditation. The freestanding poems grouped under the title "Being" pay homage to many of McClure's collaborators and fellow travelers, such as Bruce Conner, Terry Riley, and Dave Haselwood. The book climaxes with "Song Heavy," recounting McClure's recent encounter with a beached whale in Rockport, MA, and recalling his classic "For the Death of 100 Whales," which he read at the Six Gallery in 1955—the inaugural moment of American eco-poetics.

Garrett Caples is the author of Power Ballads (forthcoming from Wave Books, 2016), Retrievals (2014), The Garrett Caples Reader (1999),  Complications  (2007),  and Quintessence of the Minor(2010). He is the co-editor of The Collected Poems of Philip Lamantia (2013). He is the poetry editor at City Lights Books and curates the Spotlight Poetry Series there. He is also a contributing writer to the San Francisco Bay Guardian. He has written articles and blogged for the Poetry Foundation and occasionally blogs for He has a Ph.D. in English from the University of California, Berkeley, and lives in San Francisco.

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rebecca Solnit and Revisualizing New York City

At the store, on Monday, December 5th, at 7:30

San Francisco writer, historian, and activist Rebecca Solnit is the author of seventeen books about geography,  community, art, politics, hope, and feminism and the recipient of many awards, including the Lannan Literary Award, and the National Book Critics Circle Award (for River of Shadows; two other books of hers also were nominated for the prize in other years).
A product of the California public education system from kindergarten to  graduate  school and frequent contributor to the political site, she is a contributing editor to Harper's, where she is the first woman to regularly write the Easy Chair column (founded in 1851).

Nonstop Metropolis, the culminating volume in a trilogy of atlases, conveys innumerable unbound experiences of New York City through twenty-six imaginative maps and informative essays. Bringing together the insights of dozens of experts-from linguists to music historians, ethnographers, urbanists, and environmental journalists-amplified by cartographers, artists, and photographers, it explores all five boroughs of New York City and parts of nearby New Jersey. We are invited to travel through Manhattan's playgrounds, from polyglot Queens to many-faceted Brooklyn, and from the resilient Bronx to the mystical kung fu hip-hop mecca of Staten Island. The contributors to this exquisitely designed and gorgeously illustrated volume celebrate New York City's unique vitality, its incubation of the avant-garde, and its literary history, but they also critique its racial and economic inequality, environmental impact, and erasure of its past. Nonstop Metropolis allows us to excavate New York's buried layers, to scrutinize its political heft, and to discover the unexpected in one of the most iconic cities in the world. It is both a challenge and homage to how New Yorkers think of their city, and how the world sees this capital of capitalism, culture, immigration, and more.

Monday, November 28, 2016

Art For The People!

This Saturday (December 3rd) from 10am to 2pm we are giving out free posters from the stock of the Reprint Mint with the help of Stuart Baker, our neighborhood director. Come and select a piece of art and recall the time you shopped for your dorm room wall. First-come, first-served, until the stock is gone. Limit one per customer.

Doris will be there personally handing out posters from the iconic shop that her dad Moe helped build in the 1960s. Although the store is gone forever, the memory lingers on....

Mat Callahan and The Explosion of Deferred Dreams

This event will be on Friday, December 2nd, at 7:30pm, in our basement

As the fiftieth anniversary of the Summer of Love floods the media with debates and celebrations of music, political movements, "flower power," "acid rock," and "hippies"; The Explosion of Deferred Dreams offers a critical re-examination of the interwoven political and musical happenings in San Francisco in the Sixties. Author, musician, and native San Franciscan Mat Callahan explores the dynamic links between the Black Panthers and Sly and the Family Stone, the United Farm Workers and Santana, the Indian Occupation of Alcatraz and the San Francisco Mime Troupe, and the New Left and the counterculture.

Callahan's meticulous, impassioned arguments both expose and reframe the political and social context for the San Francisco Sound and the vibrant subcultural uprisings with which it is associated. Using dozens of original interviews, primary sources, and personal experiences, the author shows how the intense interplay of artistic and political movements put San Francisco, briefly, in the forefront of a worldwide revolutionary upsurge.

A must-read for any musician, historian, or person who "was there" (or longed to have been), The Explosion of Deferred Dreams is substantive and provocative, inviting us to reinvigorate our historical sense-making of an era that assumes a mythic role in the contemporary American zeitgeist.

Chiura Obata Mural Dedication, then join us to remember the Med

Join Us for a Tribute to Chiura Obata, a renowned Telegraph artist whose works appear at the Whitney, Smithsonian, and DeYoung museums. His story of perseverance through the Japanese internment camps of  WWII continues to be relevant today.

December 1, 5:30pm

PG&E substation 2540 Telegraph Avenue, between Dwight & Blake

Join us at the Caffe Med on its final day to celebrate its legacy. Includes a silent auctions of mounted art from the Reprint Mint, Hors d'oeuvres, and Drinks.

December 1, 6-8pm

Cafe Mediterraneum 2475 Telegraph

The Med has served Berkeley's academic, business and art communities since 1957; witnessing the Beat Generation, Free Speech Movement and creation of People's Park -- not to mention the countless hatchings of schemes, businesses, careers and romances.  Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Jerry Rubin and Patty Hearst were all regulars. It will close its illustrious doors forever after this festive send-off.

We Hope To See You There!