Sunday, November 25, 2012

Doris Moskowitz

Doris Moskowitz was born in 1966, the youngest daughter of Moe and Barb Moskowitz. One of her sweetest memories is of being at Moe's in what they call “the old store,” two doors down from the current store, listening to her mom read The Cricket in Times Square. “The children's books were right down there in the basement with the records. Great music was always playing around Moe, just like at home.”

After graduating from Mills College 1990 with degrees in English and Music, she began working with her dad at the legendary Berkeley store he founded in 1959 on Telegraph Avenue. Now it is Doris who owns and operates Moe's Books, keeping her father's legacy alive.
Although Moe was a transplant from New York City, Doris is deeply rooted in Berkeley. She grew up in the Elmwood on Lewiston, which she claims is the most beautiful street in the city. She is a graduate of Griffin Preschool, Walden School and Berkeley High, and a member of an elite class of those who attended the Berkeley Co-op's popular “Kiddie Corral.” In 2003, she and her husband, Johnny Williams, opened Boss Robot Hobby on College avenue. Their son, Eli Williams, attends Berkeley High.

Moe dancing with Doris

Moe, Doris and her sister Katy

Doris and Moe in 1976

Moe and Doris at her graduation at Mills College

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