Monday, March 18, 2013

Cedar Sigo

Cedar Sigo reads tomorrow night (Tuesday, March 19th, 7:30).
Go to for more information.

After Self Help
                  for Simon Evans

All my rooms are alien
Towers of books tilt & crumble
                                                 at the least extended breath
A matinee beyond recall
Brown birds pale breasted darting through
Too Late-Hello-Later
Kiss the lights and they change
                                                 out over The Stardust
Cities are huge machines for sorting poets
Starting down the cellophane enfolded hills
Even cast off lines have their own pull and rhyme
Man at leisure ripped out of my mind
Lonesome after mine own kind
Hot black-soft white- warm reds
Mine a thinking mans cartoon western
Mine the one enters the stories
Mine the evergreen tears brushed with coral
The boat in the box is mine and mine the full sky

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