Monday, August 19, 2013

Inaugural RC Race at Moe's Books!

  Boss Robot Hobby invites you to race electric cars at Moe's Books Sunday August 25th, 2013.

  This Sunday Moe's Books will host the first-ever remote-control car race on Telegraph Avenue. This free event, sponsored by Boss Robot Hobby and Kids In Motion, will run from 1 until 4pm in the "People Zone" in front of Moe's Books at 2476 Telegraph Ave. All are welcome. Racers must be under 13 to participate.

  If we bring remote-controlled cars to Moe's Books, will worlds collide? Race to Telegraph and bring the kids for this inaugural event to find out! We proudly welcome local super cool guys, Boss Robot Hobby and Kids In Motion, who will bring their deep passion for remote-controlled cars to the Ave.

  Johnny Williams, the owner of Berkeley’s only remote-control specialty shop, will be with us to answer any technical questions and make sure that there are enough batteries for everyone. Visit Boss Robot Hobby at 2953 College Ave if you’d like to look into robots or helicopters. Johnny is celebrating his 10th year selling servos  and getting kids into building their own toys. He has been involved with the Maker Faire, the Exploratorium, Cal Robotics Department, and many friends who are passionate about racing.

  Troy Thompson, an avid RC Car Enthusiast, knows how much kids love to play.  He is the leader of Kids In Motion, the beloved after-school program at John Muir Elementary School which provides children with a supervised environment where they can have fun and run around. Of course they offer help with homework, but other activities include soccer, kickball, capture-the-flag, arts & crafts, cooking, board games, riding bicycles & scooters, playground time, and exploring the creek. Summer activities also include swimming once a week, off-site bike rides, and field trips. On special days Troy brings out his RC cars and lets the kids jump, bash, and race them. It is lucky for them that he enjoys rebuilding them!

  Right now is the right time to try it out. This free event is open to everyone who would like to watch. If you’d like to race on our track you will have to be under 13 years of age.

Cheers, Doris

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