Thursday, November 20, 2014

Were you here?

Today I asked my friend Dan Webb about this day in 1969. He told me that "a spontaneous crowd gathered in front of Sproul hall. Everyone was fired up after seeing the park with a chain link fence around it, police officers lounging on playground slides. "Take the park," the crowd chanted. We marched out of Sproul Plaza onto Telegraph. When we reached the park we pulled the chain link fence down. What an amazing feeling! Nothing was planned, the event created itself. Not long afterwards, the teargas and pepper spray chased into the refuge known as "Moe's Books."

Dan also spent a bunch of time playing pool with Moe Moskowitz at our house on Lewiston that year.

What were you doing that summer?

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Hemingway Library Now Being Priced

A woman called last Friday to say that she had a few Hemingway books for sale along with some ephemera.  She arrived Saturday morning with a treasure trove. Several boxes of books by and about Hemingway in excellent conditions. A few first editions, many reading copies, biographies, photo books...a beautiful collection. Check the cart on the second floor next to the literature section, then ask upstairs in More Moe's. If you are at all interested in "Papa", his work, and his life this is a must see!