Thursday, November 17, 2016

Black Friday at Moe's


Special Sales and Deals All Day

Our friends will remember that last Black Friday things were a little too dark around the store. A fire at the Chandler Apartments next door left several people homeless, including some of our workers. We had to close part of our basement due to smoke damage. Also, there was a flood at our warehouse in Oakland that destroyed books and computer equipment. Despite it all and thanks to you we had a successful holiday season.

As we all know this year isn't ending in a positive way. Frankly, we're not sure how appropriate a big, blowout Black Friday sale might be. So we're keeping things pretty low key. Not somber, but quieter. If you would like to come in and just say hello, we'd love to see you. We've never been "hard sell" types anyway and we're as angry and confused as you are. Let's just come together and talk about books, or whatever.

The store does look great this year. All floors are open and especially well stocked. We've redesigned More Moe's, repricing and moving sections to emphasize our rare and out of print offerings. We hope to see you on the day after Thanksgiving, and to thank you for supporting us during a challenging year we offer a few shopping incentives:

1) All used books will be discounted 20%, all day long. Does it get simpler than that?

2) There will be a selection of new books discounted 20%, curated by our buyers with an eye to filling holiday gift lists. Bestsellers, yes, but also a few surprises.

3) Join the Moe Club! We will debut our customer loyalty card. Ten purchases gets you a trade slip. The first twenty people to ask for a card will get a free stamp and a $5.00 trade slip. That's right, five bucks Moe money just for joining the Moe Club! After that you get one free stamp (just ask) to get you started.

If you can come early we'll have coffee from our friends at Cole Coffee and donuts. We'd love to see you!

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